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Inadequate access to safe water and sanitation services, coupled with poor hygiene practices, kills and sickens thousands of children every day. Poor sanitation, water and hygiene have many other serious repercussions. Children – and particularly girls – are denied their right to education because their schools lack private and decent sanitation facilities. Women are forced to spend large parts of their day fetching water. Poor farmers and wage earners are less productive due to illness, health systems are overwhelmed and national economies suffer. Without WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), sustainable development is impossible. On the occasion Ganga organized Drawing and Debate Competition in the Schools of Thakurganj area in Lucknow. During the competitions, Children had drawn for unsafe habit of defecating in open and using closed and safe toilets instead.
The programe covered 255 children from the school and teachers. The best drawings of 20 children were distributed prizes and along with the first ten, a few consolation prizes were also distributed. The programme generated awareness among 255 children directly and upto 250 families through these children. Children came forward and promised to force each and every citizen of their community to have toilet at their home.

Event- Red Ribbon Express Participation
No disease had ever ended the life the way AIDS does. HIV has become the biggest challenge for the mankind as because it is an infectious disease the danger that it poses is immense. The only way to escape AIDS is to be aware of all the ways in which AIDS can take place. The organization took 15 auto drivers and rickshaw pullers to the red ribbon express to show them the myths and realities of AIDS. The Red ribbon Express was a joint collaboration of NACO, UNICEF, District Administration, Medical and Health Department in which the train stayed at the platform no 8 of Charbagh Railway Station for three days. The organization campaigned amongst the people that AIDS could be prevented through the awareness of the common people. AIDS does not spread by touch. These were the common messages raised at the occasion. One should be aware of the mediums through which the menace spreads.
Event- International Literacy Day Celebration
Literate people lead the society towards a progressive and constructive way but in our country apart from a few southern states, literacy rate is very poor all around. The government has run too many schemes to make its people literate but the data says that 35 % Indians are contributing towards total global illiteracy. World literacy rate is 84 % whereas Indian literacy rate is 68 %. There was low level of literacy among the females as 54.5% in comparison to 76.9% literacy rate of males. Considering the value of literacy, the organization celebrated literacy day on the eve of International Literacy Day on 8th September at Newaz Kheda and Kayam Kheda slum areas. During the programme, team volunteers contacted 46 community members from both the slums and urged to them about the benefits of being literate. The contacts were made specially with rickshaw pullers, vegetable vendors and sweepers. As a result 12 members of the community showed their interest and the Ganga team made them capable of reading and writing.
Event- Plantation programme
On the eve of 64th Independence day Ganga team organized a plantation and environment awareness programme at the community park of Sector 6 C at Vrindavan Yojana. The programme was led by community volunteer Mr. Vikas Tiwari. 15 Trees of neem,mango, bahed, ashok, arjun, gulmohar and bottle brush were planted. During the programme, the community of the area was made aware of benefits of medicinal plantation and each and every family was urged to plant one tree at least.

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